Linea Prestige - Manifattura italiana

"Work is not only making: it means thought, ideas, imagination and beauty"

Linea Prestige, created in 1980 from Luciano Prampolini’s initiative and passion, it has been living in the heart of fashion” for more than 30 years.

Experience, creativity, and ability to merge innovative techniques and materials turn into precious and refined accessories that enhance the identity of the garment.

We offer our clients handicraft luxury, preciousness of finishes, and refined design along with punctual service and the highest attention to interpret every  kind of needs.

We present two clothes collections and one beachwear collection yearly. Our collections are full of energy, ideas and experience to support our customers’ creativity.

Our production process, which includes several techniques applied to various materials such as zamak (zinc alloy), brass, plastics and resins,  is totally Made in Italy and guarantees the overall compliance with current quality  and environmental regulations.

Thanks to all these aspects,  we have been collaborating for years with the most well-known fashion brands.